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where is ed?
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Once in a lifetime, Cairo to Cape Town on bicycle … 100 days

about ed

I am 22 years old and have just graduated from University, which gives me the picture eddy necessary time to cycle across Africa. Whilst I have appreciated endurance sports for some time, this is my first go at ultra distance cycling. I am taking the challenge serious and am committed to preparing rigorously in order to give it my best shot . Apart from sports, spending time with friends and going to the cinema are always good ways to keep me happy. During university, charity work has become increasingly important on my agenda and I started to really enjoy volunteering my spare time to a good cause.

Why this website? Why UNICEF?

Our society nurtures a very competitive and success driven mindset, which is fine as such. However, upcoming examinations, our next career step or simply our everyday social matters are usually occupying our minds to such an extent, that we forget to keep our own plight in perspective. That is why I am so keen on sharing my African experiences and encounters with you. You may have noticed that promoting UNICEF's cause is quite an important part of this website. If you feel like helping, supporting UNICEF is an excellent way to go about it. Even a little can go a long way and you will be able to cherish the thought of having made a real difference in a child's life.




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