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Supporting UNICEF
Once in a lifetime, Cairo to Cape Town on bicycle … 100 days


Did you know...

that measles is a leading cause of vaccine preventable childhood mortality. A life saving vaccination costs only a couple of pence!

You can

make a difference

I am really impressed by the faboulus job UNICEF is doing in Africa and around the world. I am sure you will be, too. Have a look here


From the 12th January 08 onwards I will embark on the world's longest bike race, cycling from Cairo all the way through Africa to Cape Town. My mission is threefold:

Promote UNICEF's very worthy cause and raise funds to support their Africa projects.

Share my experiences and the insight into countries and cultures on the way with the people at home. I believe understanding a country and its culture is a key element in tackling its poverty.

Maintain a state of good health (obviously) and retain my EFI status (a race specific classification; you'll find out more about this in the coming months in my journal).